7-zip in a Glance

7-zip7-zip is a utility program which helps users in extracting compressed files. It also aids users in compressing their own files in different formats. It compresses large files and makes it easy to send or receive big files over the internet without hassle. Now days everyone knows about zipping the large files only. Just like the word “google” has been exchanged with “search”, “compress” has been traded with “zip”.

But very few people are aware of the fact that zip is just a format and not the name of process. It’s just like jpg, bmp, png etc formatting system of pictures. We don’t jpg pictures but we “take” pictures. Having understood the concept behind compressing we now move on to explain 7-zip and zipped files. Zipped files are usually done using windows explorer. 7-zip is another format specification which shaves more MBs off the archives as compared to normal zipping folder.

7-zip allows the users to efficiently compress and scale down sizes of the files. It has outstanding compression ratio as compared to zipping files through windows explorer. TopTenReviews also found that 7-zip has 17% better compression as compared to ZIP. Compressed files through 7-zip takes up less space and can be sent over internet in lesser time as compared to uncompressed files. Visit 7-zipdownload.us to 7-zip download the program right away.

How to extract the file using 7-zip?

All you need to uncompress or extract a file using 7-ZIP is to “right click” on the file to be extracted and choose the option Extract to (save in the desired directory name). The product comes in almost 60 languages globally and makes it all in all excellent deal to use. If you are looking for completely free software to help you with compressing and shedding sizes of your files, 7-zip could be the ultimate right choice.

7-zip Details

There are many features which make 7 -zip one of the leading software with a primary function of compressing files. 40 % percent higher ratio than its peers makes the demand of 7-zip software much higher than the others. The compression ratio is more than that of the PKZIP and GZIP. The stats show that the compression ratio of 7-zip is 2 to 10 % higher than the PKZIP and GZIP. It uses its own format along with LZMA and LZMA2 compression to compress the files.

It has a better integration with windows shell. The menu option available in the softwares helps the user to integrate it with the windows shell menu. It consists of standardized command line and file manager version and is available in 79 different languages. This makes it globally used software with the users having no issues regarding the language of the software.

Pros and Cons

The benefit of using 7-zip for compressing files is simple and sparse interface. The software comes with list of files, along with large toolbar buttons and a menu. There are no welcome dialogues or interruptions while compressing the files. It integrates with the windows explorer context menu, supports encryption, useable in commercial environment and self extracting executable archives.

It has a long list of supported formats. It is free and easy to download. Whereas there are few cons of the software due to market dominance of zip software. Windows explorers are being widely used to zip the files easily since many years. Many people don’t even know about 7-zip format and will not even know that the files with 7-zip format are actually compressed.

Hay Day Review

Review About Hay Day

Hay Day is a mobile farming game that is published by Supercell. You can play this game on iOS and Android devices. It is very easy to start playing this interesting game. It is available on the AppStore on iOS and GooglePlay on Android.

This game is claimed to be one of the most popular games on the market these days. There are many people who want to spend their time with this game. If you love farming game, this game can be an interesting option for you. Here are some important details that you need to know about this game.

Good Points About Hay Day

Hay Day

Learn about farming activity

This is the main thing about this interesting game. In this game, you can learn more about farming activity. When you play this game, you can learn on how you can take a responsibility to own your farm. You should take care of your farm regularly, in order to build your farm and character level.

You can earn coins and experience points (XP) every time you complete any projects in this game. You can use all of your coins to buy any necessary materials, equipment, building materials, and also decoration items. You can also use your XP to increase your level.

Regular updates

This is another benefit that is provided by this game. The developer of this game commits to provide the best service for all customers. This game is going to be updated regularly, in order to provide the best gaming experience for all users.

Each update is going to give you some new animals, machines, crops, products, activities, and many other new details. All updates are specially created to improve the overall appearance of this interesting game. Supercell also wants to keep the game exciting, challenging, and expanding by providing regular updates.

Full support

When you want to play the best game for yourself, you can consider playing Hay Day. This game is fully supported by its developer, Supercell. All farmers are rewarded with some interesting items every updates or regular maintenance. You can also connect to the game developer via Facebook and some other social media websites.

You will never spend your whole time with some bugs or errors in this game. These bugs are going to be corrected immediately. This is another reason why Hay Day is a famous game among many users these days. Many people are interested with any games that are supported with their game developers.

Play Your Favorite Game Regularly

They are some advantages from this game. This game is very interesting for most people these days. You can download this game to your mobile device immediately. This game can be addictive for most game players. Many people cannot stop playing this game in their daily life.

There are many good testimonials or reviews from this game. This attractive game has about 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. This rating shows the popularity of this interesting game. You can spend your time by operating your own farm in this Hay Day game today.

Clash of Clans Review

Play Your Favorite Clash of Clans Game Today

Many people are interested with Clash of Clans today. This game is very popular among many mobile users these days. It is one of the most popular games from Supercell video game company. This game can be found in many mobile devices easily.

You can play this game on tablet, Android devices, and also iOS units. There are a lot of good features that are added to this game. When you play this game, you can build a community, create your troops, and also attach other players easily. You can earn gold and elixir by attacking other users in this game today.

What Can You Build in This Game?


When you play this interesting game, you can start building your troops easily. All troops in this game can be divided into several tiers and troops. They include Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Heroes, and also Dark Elixir Troops. Different troops may have their own abilities and skills.

When you want to build strong community in your area, you can build strong troops today. Your army should consist of the combination from all available troops. Don’t forget to train them, in order to improve their skills and levels in this game significantly.


If you want to be successful in this game, you need to build several buildings today. There are some recommended buildings that you should build in this game, for example gold storage, gold mines, elixir collectors, elixir storage space, and many other buildings.

Those buildings can help you collect gold and elixirs in this game easily. Both products can help you build any other buildings immediately. Clash of Clans gold can be used to create defensive buildings in your town. You can also upgrade some buildings in your area, for example town hall, towers, farms, and many other important buildings in your own area. A great tip is to use this online Clash of Clans hack to increase your resources free of charge.


The main purpose of this game is to create your favorite clan today. You should create the best clan before you can attack other people from other clans. All clan leaders or co-leaders are able to begin the wars against many other clans easily.

Once you are ready with your troops, you can start having some clan wars against your enemies. Don’t forget to have good strategies, so you can be successful with your wars. You should never stop doing the best effort for supporting your clans today. When you can win the competition, you can get a lot of bonuses, war loot, and many other interesting items.

Clash of Clans

Install Clash of Clans Today

They are some important things that you need to know about Clash of Clans. There are many users who also play this game today. It means that you can also meet a lot of users on the Internet easily. When you want to spend some time in front of your mobile device, you can start downloading this interesting game now.

This game is one of the most popular apps in any platforms today. There are many good reviews about this interesting game. Most people claim that they are able to enjoy all good features from this game.

Castle Clash Review

Review About Castle Clash

Castle Clash is one of the most popular games these days. Many people want to spend their time on this game because it offers a lot of benefits for all users. There is no complicated procedure for playing this game. You can simply download this game on your mobile device.

It only requires internet connection to get connected to the server. This game is good for Android and iOS platforms, so you can play this game on any of your favorite devices. Here are some advantages that you can get from this interesting game. You will be happy with this game because of these advantages.

Castle Clash

Benefits of Playing Castle Clash

Interesting story

This is the main advantage from this game. This game has interesting story for most people. You are going to build your own group to complete all missions or projects in this game. You can hire legions of Heroes and powerful armies to become the greatest Warlord in this game.

If you love playing some war games, Castle Clash can be an interesting game for you. You can create your own empire in this game. Enjoy some thrilling, fast paced, and also realistic battles in this game.

Join a community

When you play this game, you can meet a lot of users who also enjoy this game. You can join a community by creating a guild. You can also join another guild to build your powerful team. It allows you to meet other users who have similarities as yours.

You can share all benefits from this game. All team members are able to fight together against the bosses, in order to complete any projects in this game. You can build good communication with other team members in this game. All users are able to share their own experience in this game.

Free to play

This is another reason why this Castle Clash game is famous today. This fantasy strategy game is free for all users these days. Therefore, you can play this game at anytime you want without spending your real money. You should be able to enjoy all features from this game without spending a lot of money (you can use an online Castle Clash hack to increase resources free of cost).

Although this game is free, Castle Clash is going to be updated regularly. Its game developer is going to update this game, in order to add some additional features to this interesting games. Every update is going to provide some new weapons, enemies, monsters, armies, and many other details.

Download This Game Now

After reading some benefits of this game, you can start downloading this game now. This game is available for all users who love war and strategy games. You can enjoy all features that are provided by this game. You also need to read the game guide on the Internet before you can enjoy your gaming experience with this game.

This game is very interesting for all users who love playing games. You can spend a lot of your time by playing this interesting game. Download Castle Clash today to enjoy all features and benefits from this addictive game.

Boom Beach Review

Review About Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a famous strategy game that is created by Supercell. It is very popular among many users and game players these days. This game is available for iOS and Android devices, so you can play this game on your favorite mobile device easily.

There are many good features and benefits from this reliable game. The main purpose of this game is to take your army to beautiful island, so you can fight against your enemy. When you are ready for the fight, you can start playing this game now. You can play with your friends or other users in this game.

Boom Beach

Features from Boom Beach

1. Explore beautiful island with full of danger

When you start playing this game, you can explore beautiful island in this game. This island has a lot of treasures that you can use, so you can improve your skills in this game. However, there are some threats and dangers that are available in this island. You need to fight against your enemy in this place, so you can complete your mission easily.

You have to attack hundreds of island bases or armies that are controlled by Blackguard. This game allows you to enjoy your time while fighting against any enemies and dangerous monsters in this interesting game.

2. Enjoy your gaming experience with other users

If you love playing together with other users, Boom Beach can be a good option for you. You are able to play with more than thousands of other users. Meet the whole community behind this attractive game. All users are connected to the server, so you can meet them easily.

You can work together with other users, so you can complete your mission easily. You can also create a guild that consists of several users. Making a good team is very useful to help you in any wars in this game.

3. Discover some mysterious power in this game

This is another benefit from this game. You can find mysterious power behind some Life Crystals and also ancient statues in this game. When you are able to get access to these precious items, you are able to upgrade your armies’ skills. You can also find many treasures that are located in this island.

However, you have to learn about how you can fight against any enemies in this island, so you can get all treasures in this game easily. This game also has some surprises for all users, so you can enjoy your time playing this interesting game.

Spend Your Time with Boom Beach Today

They are some good features from this game. This interesting game is very addictive for most users these days. You can also enjoy all features from this Boom Beach game by downloading this game today. This game is regularly updated to provide the best experience for all users.

It is very easy to install this game on your mobile device. You can simply visit GooglePlay on your Android devices or AppStore on your iOS devices. You can spend your time by playing this addictive strategy game today.